My Top 5 Favourite Books That I Read on 2017

Come on, reading is life, it makes you feel like you were another person only on a different time and different places. The most exciting part is, how far the book can effects your perspective and life. Some people say, you are not a book lover unless you’ve found the right book.

Anyway, 2017 have passed and albeit I didnt achieve my yearly book to read challenge (settled with 87/100 books) but that does not meant I havent found some books that I actually treasure. I would love more than the world to share my fave with you, hoping that one day you may find the same pleasure and satisfying read as I did – yeah my truly attempt is to convert you all into a book lover. πŸ˜›

Although the original version of this post was ‘Top 5 My Own Fave Book Reviewed by Me’ cause I totally nailed it with English but nayy, lets safe it for the next post. So lets begin;

1. The Ghost Bride by Yangszhe Choo

This book is about Li Lan who receive a news from her father to be betrothed to the dead of Lim’s son family. Well, of course she refuses, but then she and the whole family had been haunted. Hence to overturn the misfortune, Li Lan must embark unwilling journey to the afterworld to find the true reason that may be the root answer for all of their haunting. It was a discovery of bitter true and ehem, romance?

What I like the most about this book is the setting, where it set on Malaysia, old Malaysia. The culture were so intimate only happen on the dead world.

2. The Muse by Jessie Burton

Its a story happen between two eras, a lost tale about Olive Schloss and current state of Odelle Bastien. But there is a catch, they both kind of related to each other in a way that they never think of – by a mysterious paint.

I admit that this was a slow paced reading but totally worth the wait. Every misery and mystery had connected and fall into the extravagant revealization at the end.

3. Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

The book where I scream no at every chapter end. Its a simple plot but what makes its exciting, is how Cecelia attempt to make the character more intimate with the reader. A kind of connection you know how the characters feel, got angry with her, got mad along her, and even tears out with the character. The connection was just so deep and so real.

Never seen a character that pull out so much emotion unless its Flawed.

4. The History of Hilary Hambrushina by Mernie Lamb

This was a book that I nearly dnf, but thanks to curiousity, turn out this book was all that I ever wanted to be – a strong woman. Although the first few chapters a bit lame and childish story, I beg you (if you ever read it) to just continue with the reading, it will unfold so many things yet things we have lost so long ago.

5. Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Because this books make me remember a movie that I longed to see, kinda fantasy blended, full of mysterious etc. The plot was straightforward but there are many reasons to read this book. Like the dresses that change according to your emotion, handsome man? Mystery parents.