October Haul Book Review | 21 Tips Wise Posting in Soc Med & H.A.K Hanya Ada Kematian

Its been awhile isnt it? Well, I’ve been working this post quite so much lately (in my mind) lols. Alhamdulillah I know I’ve been slumping so much but hey here I am. Okay that was awkward but lets put aside the fuss and go straight to the point. You have been in a Book Review Haul before? Well this is the first then we are on the same boat, it was my first book review haul too!

I’m thinking to put it in a more compressed way like that mini book review, but ups, I have so much to say and so very the lazy to cut the words out. So dear, bear with me pleasee.

The Teen’s Guide to Social Media…& Mobile Devices. 21 Tips to Wise Posting in an Insecure World by Jonathan McKee

Published by Shiloh Run Press | Author : Jonathan McKee | English, E-copy | Non Fiction, Social Media Guide, Self Enrichment | Ratings : ★★★★★

I picked this book cause I was totally aware on how nowadays tech consumes most of my socialization between people. This book really expresses my concern especially towards myself and how my future children gonna be, How can they survive in the real world if they have a mom who is attached to the devices all the time. And this thought makes me sad.

Reading this is like reading something that you already know the consequences but had been buried inside yourself so deep that you neglect the issues, you feel it was unimportant until this very book raise it. This was a perspective changing book as I glad to choose it in the first place.

It is a must read to all teenagers to make them aware that how ugly this situation is. I like the author affirm his point on it was not the tech problem, is how you use it.

I would like to share my personal stories while reading this books. I’ve been in a unpredicted mood just by engaging myself in socmed, I didnt remember that actually this act just makes me less social. So by reading this, I realize a bit on the times a loose by spending too much on socmed, and yeah most of the facts in this books was reliable, its true, some of us experience it, just like me experience it. That how much this socmed make me depressed. So I take a huge step in deciding to reduce my involvement in socmed and that really helps. This book helps me a lot too in taking those step, the awareness is very important, it is sad how our generation sometimes neglect this issues although we already know how it affects our lifestyle.

H.A.K Hanya Ada Kematian by Aean Shaari

Publisher : Legend Press | Author : Aen Sa’ari | Malay, Paperback, 290 pages | Genre : Thriller, Mystery, Crime Solving | Ratings : ★★★★☆

Well, as a thriller book fans, yes, of course, I’m falling in love immediately with the book’s cover (that day you tagged me on twitter, lols) and I eager to search and read that book at once, only when I have the chance to buy it in early october 2017.

The details on the back were sure enough to make my curiosity level eager to unfold the pages, the mystery beneath and all the who-do-it hunting. Trust me, this is my expertise. As a fan of thriller fiction, I may write my review through the eyes of expectation of a thriller fan reader.

1. I love the exposure of the characters, that it feel anyone can be the murderer, the info given on every chapters was just enough (but not wholly – that just nice, perfect amount) to let the reader questioning the real mastermind.

2. The plot was okay, like how the characters linked to each other, and it make sense because this world sometimes have lots of people that sedikit sebanyak effects our routine. And the social life, lols, I have nothing to object cause I just need to know who the real doer was. It make me thinks, does all people like that? Huhu.

3. The strength of this books is about the bloody effect, the gruesome that makes all the bulu roma stands, and doctor I tabik you for that as me pun tak sanggup baca details, I was like reading it quickly cause trust me, it was so disgusting and OMG, how can you reach that level of bloody things? Yaiee.

4. I think the end was a little typical malaysian books – :3 teehee which I do not really prefer. It was kinda obvious who the real doer on the few nearly end chapters, but the second real doer (beside the mastermind and the hunted killer) was like a messy finishing. It does not relate with the first chapters of the book. It was a plot twist, yes but it was not explained in more details. The feel while knowing the real doer, me be like : Hmm, okay, I think I knew it.

And the final chapter was kind of hmmm, why cant they have a better ending like the real doer will make another vengeance, some attached feeling etc. Because most of I know malaysian books have that cliche ending. :3 but of course, is your story, is your rule. It had been published so I’ll just have to endure it.