My Life Through The Looking Lens of an Instagram

Ahh, Instagram, that what youngster fave on this era, and that my friend, am actually speaking of me.

How am I gonna start this? Well it is best to start with the picture itself, I mean video.

Terus paha sakit. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #jk1mputatan #juaragym #sunduvancombat #bootcamp

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When was this all begin.. let see.

This week (9/10/17) is the fifth week of JK1M (Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia) that I joined. Actually it was a last minute decision (before Raya Haji). The story starts when I cant get my kuroong that I bought for Eid Fitr fit in my body although its already Eid Adha? Dang! I need to be healthy and fit cause I know losing so much weight is unhealthy. That is why I decide on that spot to join any JK1M nearby.

It’s Kevin Zahri!

I used to join JK1M 7 before in different district, I just lose like 3kg. Lols. Its not much right, but actually this previous experience urge me to come back in a lot more big effort especially in learning the best way towards a healthier life. The real deal here is how eat and get fit in a lot more healthier way, losing weight is what come after a proper meal.Β 

I need to start fresh

I need to learn from zero, and forget what I’ve learned before cause it does not bring any proper result. I’ve been in a condition where I lose weight and then gain it back with the blink of an eye. That was so not good and maybe dangerous to my lifespan. I remember back then when I used to join extreme diet plan such as Atkins, I even consumed a bottle of lose weight pill to achieve my ideal body. Turned out it was all useless, I gain a lot more after stop doing the diet. But I never say that the diet plan was wrong, I must say its just dont fit in my condition.

Planking is our bestfriend along the week. And also burpees. πŸ˜€ In Picture : Me and kak Lissah.Β 

The so far so good theory

What JK1M promote is to ‘Be the best of yourself’. I learned so much just being in the community myself, those who have the same objective etc. They expose us (the beginner) towards a healthy lifestyle like beside doing cardio, being careful on your daily meal intake is also important. A healthy lifestyle means 70% from food and only 30% from exercise.

I know im born to be a fighter. In picture : Me and my colleague , Carol doing Muay Thai beginner move.

The things I’m look up so far

Well of course I pray that all the stuff that I learned will benefits me towards this noble journey. πŸ˜€

Again, please pray for me so that I’m able to achieve this one very goal since like.. 20 years old ago? Teehee.


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