My 5 Book Blogger Confession

Hello there, since right now I had only books to think of, so I tot that I have a lot to talk about it. As a book blogger I do detect some dilemma regarding my feeling towards books, but like H that stop me from being awesome? Haha.

1. Reading is an effort. Sometimes I struggle whether to read a book at night or day because I’m just too exhausted.

I can go up to 24hours without reading any books. And I never give a damn guilt about it (I do actually).

2. Whenever I’m online I cant help but to open Pinterest, MPHOnline, BookDepository, indie instagram bookseller and Goodreads all at once to droll about bestselling and upcoming books. :3

3. I have a very uncertain character in choosing a book. I got picky lately when it comes to book because I hate to DNF (does not finish) a book, so before buying some I rather research and sees the non spoiler feedback from those who have been reading it.

4. Whenever Im reading a book from a complete series (let say it was a trilogy). I’m against my temptation to read the other books summary as sometimes it may crack a lil bit of spoiler which I did not enjoyed. I will read the book summary paragraph only after I read the previous books.

5. I rarely drown into book unless I feel so intimate about it. I do like some of author writing styles where they make the character feel like a real person exist in a real world too.

Q: What is your biggest confession regarding books?