I Deactivated My Twitter & I Watched IT Two Times!

I was thinking to put a more catchy title like ‘7 Reason Why I Deactivate My Twitter’ etc but since I will be bragging so much about myself in this post so lets for once, put aside the so-called catchy headline.

So this thing just happen so quickly and I actually cant believe how much easier my life going on without a Twitter. Okay I need to admit several bad habits about me and twitter like I’ve been spending too much time on it, hoping that any updated news pop out so fast.

But the thing was, it does not, it consumes so much of my daily routine that I feel like I didnt have a chance to communicate to other people who actually sat in front of me. Oh my this actually make me feel so bad and disappointing with myself. Hence I made a decision that I had visually discussed in my head (between me and my consciousness of course) that I need to minimize my time on socmed.

You see I have so much accounts around the web, a Facebook, 3 insta account (personal, bookstagram account & my photography account), tumblr, gmail, my blog, bloglovin, twitter, pinterest and for God sakes all of these does not make me popular on the internet (lols). Not to mention all the pages I’ve been admin about.

I also read this good book about socmed that actually effects my decison. I need to appear less in the socmed which actually got nothing to do except just pondering around (time wasted) and start focusing on the socmed that can optimize my time and my energy in bringing the best out of them.

That is what actually I’m doing now. I may know that maybe I’ll lose some of my communication path but you always can contact me thru other socmed that available. Im sorry we are not Twitter gang anymore. But I think this is the better than having a break down in physchology.

So lets have a more enjoyable and free blogging day! 😝



I watched IT like two times in the cinema, cause I love and curious how the story was plotted. In addition after reading several article on the internet regarding the movie I also know that the stories showing on the cinema was only part of the books, the other part will be about how they are destroying IT after grown up. Of course 27 years later.

I’m a beginner in Stephen King novel, and mostly I watch the movies like The Green Line, The Mirror etc. But since the movie have that ‘connection-on-what-happen-next’ curiousity level I just cant help myself from buying this one book here. 😀


Do you have a fave book/movies of Stephen Kings of your own? Please tell me :D