Wrapping Up : July

Hello guys, suddenly here I am writing July’s wrap up, LOL, so ironic after not being updating blog like two weeks? Yaiee. But hey, I’ve got a good reason which I may think come from my reading slumpiness hence it also decrease my productivity in blogging. Nope? Haha, but blogger still a blogger right?


I didnt read so much books in July, but I have a good time actually in discovering good book such as The Ghost Bride, a story about Li Lan, a Malaysian Chinese who had been ask to be a bride to other family dead son. I also got several books which pending in review (I’ll review it soon).

This is a story about how Alex trying to search for her sister murderer by involving herself in a very dangerous situation – joining a local gang.

  • Defy The Stars by Claudia Gray(★★★★☆☆)

A mech name Abel who actually being save by Noemi Vidal and they were actually enemy to each other but an event put them in a situation to rely on each other back.


I’m not really a TV girl but I do love some of Korean shows like I can See Your Voice. Since I rarely spend my time in front of the idiot box, mostly I spend my time one online movies, my fave was Fmovies.is, so for the last weeks I manage to watch Get Out and The Silenced. *spoiler alert* It was not a paranormal situation.


Najwa Latiff – Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi (Cover)
Lee Eun & Kim Bum Soo – Geojedo IU Cover


I just cannot leave this out! As a wannabe gamer I always find myself to spend more time on my game controller, but of course, I didnt have the perfect tools to do so, also I need to save money for future purpose. So, to just involve my self in game experience I play ML. Teehee, but not that kind of fanatic actually because I still learning to play it.

The concept was a lot more similar to Dota 2, but in a more flexible to bring in your pocket.

Book Haul

Since im still on my reading slump and after read and search how to overcome that slump, I bought myself a few books out of genre that I usually read, which are the comics, the New Malaysian Writer.

So what do you think of July? 😀