Movie Review | Bad Genius

Hello everyone, may you all have a great day despite how long we havent meet especially in here. Alhamdulillah last weekend I have a very rare oppurtunity in solo movie timing. Lols.

Tho I just manage to watch only one movie (cause no πŸ’Έ) but it does make me happy and feel appreciate in my solo travel (in mall version).

I’ve been eyeeing this one movie since people keep saying how good it was in soc med so the curiosity and expectation level was quite high.

The movie was Bad Genius.

A genius girl forming a team to cheat in exam for the sake of money.
My rating gonna be β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†

Honest Review

This are the kind of movie that I’ll enjoy on my leisure time, it have a good plot and very dramatic shoot. Such as reading a dramatic content from a comic.

Unfortunately it was not the kind of movie that I’ll watch repeatedly cause I may get bored, the plot was not cliche, its just it was not my cup of tea.

Moral Values

I need to admit that this movie have its own interesting part and of course some of us may enjoy this movie for its moral values. What I learn was :

1. Your real friend would not make you in trouble for their own sake.

2. You may not know that the wrongdoing you make will effects other. You may turn someone into a monster just because of your decision.

3. Those who really love you will always stay by your side despite the things you’ve done. 😞 *overhelmed*

4. Choosing the right things to do is always the wisest thing on earth.

5. No one can make choice for you, it was you who always make choice for yourself. Believe in what your decision and every person deserve a better and freedom life without so much clingy to other.

Why You Should Watch It?

You cant judge the movie from my review alone, cause it may be into your liking. I think the closest drama that I’ll relate to this is Lovely Bones. Cause I rarely watch this kind of movie. If you have seen it tell me what you think, and please dont bash me for how many stars I gave to this movie. πŸ˜€