One Week Raya Holiday Wrap Up

Ouch, its the fourth day since my last raya holiday passed but I just want to froze the moment by of course jotting it all in here. Muahahaha.  Lets wrap up how my holiday be like.


Me and my dad fiercely surveying any furniture and home accessories for my new house. Sadly we cant move yet because the renovation still taking place and there are no electricity & water been applied yet.

I wish I can have this, but look at the price. :3

Its Raya! Alhamdulillah. My home village does not locate that far away from our actual house (not the new one), so when the Raya date had been announce, we drive back home and reach our kampong like 45 minutes shortly after.

The whole day was so exhausting cause we have been visited by friends and family from daylight to night time. Sadly, that night me and my mom need to head back to our home cause mom wanna bake cakes for her beloved nephew (my cuzzy who only once a year come back home as he working on Shah Alam).

Treasuring moment be like..

My second Syawal be like procrastinating at home doing almost nothing and that night me and my parents attending our family gathering, it was huge gathering comes from our family tree. Most of it was about being together, eating, karaoke and lucky draw. Me and my parents leave early that night as I need to drive our back home.


I text Kak Ella to have a quality time with her tho actually I need a company to port in my current number into UMobile, but after spending like 20 mins searching for parking spot we just knew the service center was still on Raya holiday. Hump! what a shame.

So we headed to 1Borneo to have lunch together to mend our broken heart (especially me cause I have high expectation in porting in my number into new plan).


This is the day where I finally going beraya, that early day I leave to Tuaran to attend my late second grandma’s family open house and after that heading to two more open house by my secondary school friend. I then need to pickup a few member of the gossiping gang to brighten my day – lols.


1 have been taken, 1 gonna married this week. Another three, lets just pray yg baik baik ajer ye.

I woke up this day with a sore throat. No! I’m panicked because I feel like im catching a flu, yes indeed I am. But its still raya so I straighten myself and push my limit to go beraya with my friend. I manage to attend only three houses on that day (plus a karaoke session eventho my voice was super cracked resulting from the sore throat). I may say I still have a great day even the awesome!

Getting our welfie with UMS’s mosque.

On these day me and my parents travel to my mom family (who are non muslims – yes my mum is a mualaf) to visits them awhile and hugging and wishing hari raya to each other. That day i’m kinda low in spirit due to my sickness but Alhamdulillah I manage to visit our neighbor open house and have a kick of their sambal kacang. I secretly wish that the tuan rumah will make me tapau the sambal. I even still taste the tastiness in my mouth *drolling*.


I did not do much today only that night we have another family gathering on Gayang Seafood eating seafood with my other family. The dishes was okay and most importantly is the we belong to each other.

The food were quite okay. Yg penting kenyang. May Allah blessed to my uncle and aunty who sponsored this dinner.


Last day of my holiday luckily I spend it on my own home doing nothing except reading, watching tv and also writing. 😀

Happy Aidulfitri again everyone.

Who’s here also a #teamcutirayaseminggu? Kita geng. Haha.