Book Review | A Court of Wings & Ruins (ACOWAR) by Sarah J Maas

Author : Sarah J. Maas | Published by Bloomsbury Children Books | English | Paperback | 699 pages | Genre : Yound Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Action | Goodreads Summary | Rating : ★★★★★

Its really been awhile since my last book review and now to literally writing this make me a lil bit nervous. The book series that I’ve been raving and fangirling a lot with Fatina (only she does not read it yet..) hehe. So, I received my copy of ACOWAR from Bookaliciousmy Instagram and look on how gorgeous this book’s cover was!

“Remember that you are a wolf. And you cannot be cages”

ACOWAR was the third book from ACOTAR & ACOMAF series. I’ve been waiting this series like forever from last year and Alhamdulillah I have read and witness the powerful choice of words from SJM her self, the naughty, talented author. Thank you for a very wonderful mouth drolling books.

As a fan of plot twisting books therefore I announce that this post gonna be a non spoiler review. Feel free to read this till the end with guilty free.

I love every bits of words and kudos to SJM for her splendid writing. After all the adventure with Feyre its just so dilemmatic to know that this is the last book of the series. So I spend a very, very slow time cherish every chapter with Feyre. My heart still aches from the post reading as how much this trilogy leaving marks on my heart. *cries*

The Plot

If ACOTAR was a story of a lovey dovey thingy, and ACOMAF was a major plot twist, I may called ACOWAR was mixed by both of it in a very, very satisfying way. I also noticed how SJM writing changes especially in expressing her characters.

Oh yes all your fave people were indeed in here. The jokes and humor from book 1 & 2 as funny as ever only to be attempt in a much colder and warlike place.

But Rhys drawled, “Amren, it seems, has been taking drama lessons at the theater down street from her house.”

As the acronym itself (ACOWAR) already portrait on how dark yet how hard the level of obligation gonna be for the third book. The plot was a clever complex of drama and surprisingly easy to pick up, there are chapters where it ripped my heart out of me and there is also those chapter that I just cant stand how lovely it is – you may not know how big my grinning was.

Its a story about family and friendship, lots and lots of romance, how foes turned into friends, friends turned into foes and making the right decisions at a critical time just because that was the least it can do at that time.

The Characters

Feyre is just so so strong, I mean I know (from the book of course) her from the day she still in human form, as a reader I know every bit of her and I witness how all the things happen just so Feyre will be on where she should belong. I love every bits on how SJM potraits her.

Cruel, beautiful High Lady.

Not to forget Rhys, the perfect male fiction I ever read, ever, why should he be so lovely? I’m having a very hard time to not fall in love over Rhys, he’s just so tempting.

There are also many of my fave characters only since their path had been changes dramatically from book two so they have least appearance in the book which were Lucien and Tamlin. I feel sorry for Tamlin, and I hope he’ll find what he is searching for.

There are also many other great characters from villians to comrade, the Circle had been expanded, the Hybern as unstoppable in fighting. There are all just perfect when it fall into places.

Cassian only grimaced at Rhys and Azriel. “I told you that the moment we started letting females into our group, they’d be nothing but trouble.”

The Surprises and Thrilling Features

This book indeed was a romantic high fantasy books. It really have a good and nice plot, very clever planning both in choices of words and world building. It was just so mainstream and I’m truly satisfied by the third book.


Some of the lists answered in the book:

Where is Feyre’s father? Answered. 

Will Feyre be the weapon for her people? Answered.

What is Mor relationship with Azriel? Answered

Did Nesta love Cassian? Answered.

Will The Night Court have enough joined forces? Answered.

Will Suriel appear again? Answered. 

Its a war, so somebody need to be sacrifies, the question is who and when? Till then, have an enjoyable reading weekend. Next week gonna be Ramadhan already on Saturday. 😀

Note : The book contains soft core, LGBT relationship & low level violence graphic.