Reason Why I Keep Coming Back To Blogging

Have you ever feel attached to something that makes you wanna cries and eat cakes for no reason? Well, I do. As weird as it will sound, but yeah it is my blog. I am a very great fan of my blog. DIE HARD FANS. Like checking on it every two hours. Checking the stats and whatsoever they called social sites these days.

I’ve been blogging since 2009. There is a time of ups and downs. I was back then using indie slang, which I made it up, haha, just so someone remember me. I’ll spend like three to four hours of research to be put on my blog. Its exhausting but I love whenever someone left me comments. My feeling was like ‘oh my God they read my far from perfect post’. Those were one of the best things happens in my life. ^^ To have a chance for being part of the blogger community.

The Hardship on Gather The Right Materials for The Reader

I always cherish that time while im getting information for the reader. Its like you wanna know that things so bad and you search for the solution/answers and when you get it you just so astonishment with it then you feel like wanna tell the world about it.

Well, the blog is the bridge with the world.

I just love sharing with others on what I know and so far that I know it will never hurt. I always have this thought on myself that I am not always gonna be a good person, I also have flaw and sins. Thanks and grateful to our Creators, for He guide us the way to redeem ourselves, by as simple method as sadaqah that actually comes in many forms. It was not just about money. Such as sharing, smile, make someone happy, all of it is a form of sadaqah. Just the thought of how Merciful our Creator is, make me wanna cries. Alhamdulillah.

Thats is why I share. Saham akhirat InsyaAllah. 

The Blogging Community

I meet so many amazing people online. They have their own way of thinking things, delivering facts, constructing words, develop their own pesonas and isnt that awesome? I also stumble most of my inspiration from bloggers, some just convert me into an english writers and some even influence me to be a book blogger. I have been inspires to write more and more it does not matter what topic you discuss about in but it always good to keep your blog updates. Teehee. (Yeah im struggling with it too – you are not alone).

The Blog itself

The blog itself was a therapy for me, I begin to convert my negative feelings into a more positive and productive way. Hey, the social media was so exposing enough, I dont want telling other how bad my day was, some people may get hurt by it. So why dont we tell others lots and lots about positivism?

I believe in positive words.

There’s this doctor (Dr. Masaru Emoto) who experiment things with water, that he will pour the same rice and water on three different jar that had been labelled with happy, none and bad things. Each day, he’ll speak happiness to the jar that labelled happy, nothing to labelled none and every curse he know on bad things jar. After like three months. Guess what happened?

Bad Thing Jar – Turns really sticky and yucks

None – Just rotten like always

Happy – Its becoming a fermented rice, so silk and white.

Positive words effect people, cause 90% of our body were made of water. 🙂

P/s : The video is sample from 147 days of experimenting.


So whats make you keep coming back to blogging?