Dont Expect Me to Speak Well in English

Oh no! Haha, guys, as some of you may know that I just started to blog in english last year and I never regret it.. ever.

1. Most of it because now I actually understand english books or article without depends mostly on my dictionary. Yay! Of course there were also some words that I need to refer online or dictionary, but I just love the way I dont have to worry in jingling back and forth searching the words.

2. Now I have understand english (ehem, haha), therefore I dig into my book storage where I keep all my childhood books and grabbing all the english book that I think I understand but actually I’m not. I know this when I stare hard on that book and remember almost.. nothing.. nothing at all.

Facts : I thought Harry’s owl, Hedwig is a male but its a she! Andeeee, thats the circumstances I need to face when reading a malay version of Harry Potter books (as you may know that malay version is hard to recognize whether the character is male or female because we dont have she/he/his/her/him.

3. Just because I write mostly in english does not meant I can speak the language well. Bahaha, I dont really have accent, my accent was purely like Malaysian english (like the local Sabahan mixing UK/US english). I just say whats comes on my mind when it comes to communicate with other english speaker.

4. Writing and speaking in english for me is like a two different world. Cause we have more time in deciding what words comes next when it comes to writing while speaking was not. Its an in situ effect, you need to think the words comes next immediately at that time. So yeah my words comes along with a lot of ‘ummm’, yet thinking the right words to use.

5. But hey that does not meant I’m giving up to speak proper english. Who will? Pffft.  Since I dont have enough friend who like to join english day challenge, now I’m practicing with the radio announcer, virtually of course.

6. Writing in english actually helps a little when it comes to speak. I guess its not a very different things at all. How bad could it be when I have manage myself writing a full blog post in english?

How about you? Are you a multi speaker when it comes to english? 😀