Why Books Way So Much Better Than The Movie Version?


I’ve been reading The Maze Runner Trilogy in coming out with the title. Teehee. I love the books version way much more, and also liking the concept of the Maze Runner movie (means Imma kinda love both). To be thinking of it actually the movie was way too different from the book. Im saying this not just because I’m a reader or a girl who like reading (like a huuugeee fan of reading), am saying this also because what I see and what I get on books was far more detailed than the movie was.

❥ Movie is a fast paced thingy

We all know that, they have limited times, imagine if you squeezed all the seven series of Harry Potter books in one movie? I think I’m gonna sit in cinema like 24 hours? And it will be so crammed with lots of stuff, trying to force facts in head was kinda of hurt. No uh. Maybe also mistakenly switched Avada Kedavra with Wingardium Leviosar. who knows? :3

That is why movie pointed out only the important part and it had been revised so much to make sure at least one objectives of the movie was going to make a hits – like Love.

❥ Character inner obligation

What I like about books the most is the relation between reader and the character. Have you ever felt crying the same tears? Angry the same matter? Yes yes I do, from a book! (Perhaps some movie once in awhile).

But this was actually the reason why bookworm read, the intimacy, none can feel it except among the same book reader. Yes yes, I’m overrated it but why not? Books its like a person diary, openly themselves to be read, to be felt, it was not the same like movie where you seeing them, books like a bestfriend to your imagination, they cant be limited only by words, and the effect, the words effect, haunts you till like f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Meanwhile on my weekend,

❥ I watch The Power Rangers

And its awesome. It was like the ranger experience that level of doubt, why and how actually they wanna save the world. I actually dont get why they can morphing, is it because the sense of protection people were the reason? Maybe so but it was not stated.

And… just to add some facts on this paragraph Imma searching for Billy Cranton and all the childhood memory just being thrown at me. OMG, honestly I love Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie so much, I watch it tons of times! That time we are using video tape, im not sure if you remember it, but here the to be exact :

If you remember this you have awesome childhood.

The movie just make me reminisce about my childhood and how much I love Power Rangers back then. Well this movie have been modernize following the trend. Giving 4/5 for Power Rangers in succeeding  a great job.

❥ Just three more books

Book diet or no, I brought three new books last two weeks. And now im officially broke. 😅

What Im buying was Traveler (sort of sci fiction), Flawed (also sci fi) and The Pride & Prejudice cause I never read it and people do talk about it so much.

Which one you enjoy most between movies and books? Why? 😀