Our Emotion

Hello there, I’ve been itching to writes and my mood was into a random writing. Since I’ve missed out my weekend post last week so why not today? Maybe I’ll upload more too this weekend. Hehe.

  1. Lately, I’ve been waking up with anxious feelings, huargh, also I get mad easily, for a tiny reason. Its like all the feeling I contempt was bursting out. :3 and I still get anxious.
  2. My mood swing for no reason and its killing me, is it because I’ve not spent my time in writing? I think that’s the problem for being an introvert, we are struggling to channel our emotion.
  3. My blog appears messy and still, we’ve got a load more to do, but as a team of two with vision we must look forward and learned more from the past. 😀
  4. Its kinda weird while getting used to writes from wordpress, tho it has many features to offers, but I kinda miss being in blogger cause i’ve been spending a lot more years with them, the relation was intimate, but now slowly, I’ll let myself fall in love with wordpress ~ Hehe.
  5. I need to learn much more from this new platform. My partner still working on the coding thingy. Sooner or later we will release top things what to expect while moving into new domain.
  6. Head spinning a bit cause I’ve been not writing more than I remember. huhu
  7. I’ve read Seruan Kedua, and it was not what I’ve imagine, here’s the mini review that I write from Goodreads, sorry I didnt put it into categories like all the review before;

by Ismi Fa Ismail
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2/5 just for the sake of curiousity. Story plot a little bit messy, its like the author trying to force reader that A is A, and there were no compromise to that.

A little bit sad for the chracter development, I meant we all know all of the characters name, what they do for living, their dark past but it seems like I have struggle in understanding the character, why they choose to do so.

It was not strong enough, I didnt have a clue how a wicked girl like Serafina hate her adopted parents so much and pretend that she love them. Yeah I know she dark but why can human be so stoned hard? Untelling dark past?

The last thing I remember about Munir and Zack that Suraya’s tell Adib that she want to introduce him to someone she love very dearly (Zack), but on this book, it said Suraya’s love to Munir was never a fake. Am I missing something? (not to mentioned how actually JBNI trilogy turns from horror>sci fi> retelling about the dark past matter – messy messy messy).

I think the best way to let others know how the character feel is to let them be inside the character themselves, not telling people your assumption towards that character feels.

Reading this book like reading a third person narrative, who actually happen to be in that situation and retelling it to others, so not get us involve in the character shoes.

Overall I must said I am curious enough to read the third book and I’ve been following this book since JBNI the trilogy. I’ve been hoping the author giving more time for me (and us) to experience the inner obligation of the characters instead of telling us what they ‘do’ and ‘feel’.

Its not like I hate this book entirely, the author have a very dramatic and classic way in telling the stories but as a fan, I would like to experience the character intimately (like cry with them, knowing teribble truth on how Serafina becomes wicked and be as much wicked like her etc).


That’s all for now, so… how do my new blog look? 

p/s : I miss you all!