Book Review | The Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Crows remember human faces. They remember the people who feed them, who are kind to them. And the people who wrong them too. – Kaz Brekker

Author : Leigh Bardugo
Publisher : Henry Holt
Type : Paperback, 536 pages
Genre : Young Adult Fantasy, Sci Fiction 

It-was-just EVERYTHING. This book was so fresh, you expect nothing but it will definitely giving you satisfaction instead. A kind of book that were actually makes you grinning and weeping at the same time. It may take time doing this review cause I want to reflect the perfect impression for this book towards you. 

This book was about how Kaz and what left of the Crows trying to get his girl and money back and combating all the hustle at Ketterdam – or precisely the world. It was not only a revenge but a well planning revenge, brick by brick they said.  

“Has anyone noticed this whole city is looking for us, mad at us, or wants to kill us?”
“So?” said Kaz.
“Well, usually it’s just half the city.” – Jesper Fahey

The Plot

The plot was actually simple, but it was layered eventually like with so much problem, so much coincidence and left you asking ‘Would they ever make it? Would they ever success?” 
Thats the power of this story plot, it makes you hungry to unfold the truth. And I must said the author done incredibly awesome pieces in saving the truth for the best. That plot twisting was just so good I tell ya. Mind blowing, if im a dragon I may breath smoke from my nose as a token of appreciation for that twist. 😤
It was about dark business, family-ship, friendship, love story, broromance (totally not expecting this!) and just a bunches of kids playing danger, a very dangerous games,. They were just kids aged from 17-18years! Hellooo. 
This book was never running out of action, it was packs of them. A trail of thrilling scene that actually make you feel you were fighting with them, side by side, holding twin knife or whatever fighting weapon you prefer. I prefer knife because it was keen and super handy like you can hid it under your boots. XD

The Characters

Overall, like I said from previous book one, the character was already firm, the background, their characteristic, you may think they were actually exist and their story was entirely true.

The friendship and loyalties was overwhelmed,

Some strong and influence villians – it was hard to beat the king of The Barrel unless.. well if they may find their opponent worthy.

“There is no shame in meeting a worthy opponent. It means there is more to learn, a welcome reminder to pursue humility” – White Blade

Some Reaction on Pages (In case you will read this book) 

pg 333 – This is when Nina and Jesper were behaving like they were normal kids, it was super cute and funny.

pg 344 – Im dying because I was shock and laughing so much. I barely read each words after because it was just so sudden and then more surprises. I was bursting with laugh so hard. 😂

pg 493 – as im struggle to end this book for good, I think my mind skipped this saddest part of the world. Only to found the next day how hard it stabbed my heart while rereading it. 😭 The lost was just heartbreaking. Hmm.

★★★★★ (I need to control my generousity next time.) haha


If you search for that fresh, independent kind of story plot then here is the book. If you fond of magic like Now You See Me then this is the book. If you rooting for romance, perhaps this is the book but you’ll find it was more than a romance book. 🙂 Its suitable for all ages and has less adult content so feel free to read for the sake of awesome plot twist. 😀

Im totally choose this kind of a book rather than romance book. Haha.
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