4 Things To Ponder About Blog When You Running Out of Idea

Yeah I know that every blogger love to have that bombastic post where can drive so much engagement. It was not a crime for doing so in fact it was a habit of any wise blogger to deliver the best to their reader. Just sometimes, thinking too much into delivering a bombastic update can lead you (even me) to procrastination  in updating our blog. Do you reckon this imaginative words ‘I dont have any useful or amazing stuff to deliver to my reader, why on earth I shud update my blog with some pieces of trash?’

Personally, I do have the same problem and I began to dig why do us, as a dedicated blogger sometimes feeling so down when we does not perform well in our blogging life. Etc, no idea what to post about. They were so many reasons why we dont wanna update our blog but lets not forget there are also very strong reason to keep our blog updates (yeah even when you worn out of idea):

1. Your Essence
We are leaving in a sea of too many knowledge to bear. Social medias seems to be more updated than the times itself, and we felt left behind for all the outsource information. Somehow it distract our focus so much and we feel like just screw the world and walk away.
But know this, every person got their own essence, which no want can take that from you. You are unique in your own way. You may be that bookworm who love to be at home reading, that gamer who have their own epic battle, that armature cooker who love to do their own experiment finding the world greatest taste that tickling your buds. We all have our unique story to told. And never will it be another person story.
2. Focus On Simplicity

One thing that I love when I read other people blog is the simplicity of their writing, even me too trying my best to implement it. Writing should be simple cause let face it people, we are not doing any fictional stories here, we are actually telling the truth, the kind of thing we tell our friends or parents or siblings about, that contemporary life we living with.

The best thing about simplicity is when you implement them in writing, you’ll know that you have written more than the words itself, you are giving others the chance to know you and embrace you for who you are.
Just be the simple version of yourself, you’ll know you are at your best!
3. Step Back and Check Your Draft

This was the biggest cheat of all blogger routine Drafts! Admit it every blogger have tons of drafts or that supposed to be next blog post you’re working with. Like I said before, sharpen your draft and focus only the simple things. People yet a simple human being do enjoy to read something informative, easy to do thingy, cause we are just simple as that. #senangterhibur

4. Never Underestimated Your Reader and Blogger Circle.
Readers are delicate little creatures that need to be coddle most of the time ~ like forever.
Which blogger doesnt love their reader? Lols. In fact, reader were the very reason a blogger do exist. We want someone to be force to read our pieces , and of course as a wise blogger we are dedicated to give them what best for them from our very own experience or research.

But a reader also can be a blogger, obviously right? I do personally blog walk a lot when I worn out of idea, and actually there were so much inspiration out there. Some blogger spirit that been passed in the form of writing will do the trick. Read and read more.

Tips! When some blogger doing facts, tags, haul etc, I tot that hey I can do that too, I’ll just simply apply the same concept but come out with my version of writing presentation. And it was actually pretty fun. 😀 Just dont forget to credits them for the original idea.

Your readers and your blogger friend were your source of ideas. Engagement is crucial, remember that quotes on what you give you get back? And when you give more you’ll gain even more.
So what kinda post you likely to do when you running out of idea?