15 Blogging Facts About Me

May you have a wonderful week. Me? As hectic like what Allah want it to be, but no worry, I still can work on it. So I stumbled into Erin blog about 15 blogging facts and I feel I wanna do the same fact-tag-along too. Just for fun since my current idea were still under maintenance.
1. My first blog was named notadaripadahatiku.blogspot.com (I delete it because it was too childish).
2. I didnt have any niche but since Jun 2016 I thought I wanna write about business thingy but now im slowly turning myself into a book blogger.
3. I found out that book blogger was not actually doing book reviews or so but have a more noble goal especially when it comes to influence other people how to alter perspective towards a book. Sometimes a book itself can be so scary and wicked as it will turn one personal life upside down *okay it was a lil bit too much.
4. I upload my photography for blogging from my smartphone, because am too lazy to transfer it into computer. (dslr>phone>blogger platform)
5. I have met several blogger in real life which are both awesome virtually and physically. Some says that a blogger have low self esteem but turn out that all the blogger I met have their own way to life their life to the fullest.
6. Im suck when it comes to html coding, therefore my blog actually have another writer which working on the backbone of this blog. I present to you my partner in crime Hamzah Jamad the geek boy.
7. One of my most long blogger friend now is my partner in business at Borneo T-Shirt. πŸ˜‚
8. I personally check every footprints left on my chatbox and do my best to read their post as they read mine. ^^
9. I want a domain for myself but I feel that my blog was too far to eligible for its own domain.
10. I usually work on my post at early in the morning and after work night. Its not easy to keep your idea spicing up when you in work, hence I jotted down my ideas briefly on notes apps in my phone.
11. I met my soulmate from blogger life. Teehee.
12. My blog walk priority was from my blog list on the right bar.
13. I dont have blogging planner in hand but I do have tons of draft. Most of my blogging idea were stored in my mind till I’ve got the chance to write it all down.
14. I reviewed and checked how my actual post gonna be 3-4 times before publishing it.
15. I set all my paragraph into justified mode in every post. πŸ˜€
Now, lets talk about your blogging facts shall we?Β