Unboxing Bookish Bundle Box and Some Thoughts On The Weekend

Waking up today and placing myself in front of my desk and suddenly I became blackout from my surrounding. Just once, the reality snapped your face
1. I just received my Bookish Bundle Subscription Books last wednesday. The theme was Eternal Bond. Its not what I expected but Im still happy tho. Its my first subscription box and I’m enjoying it. My office mate know how eager I am while poslaju bro handing me the box. The joy of getting a present for your own self  was all that I felt, I scream (or maybe glow) for it by the way. 😀



2. I’ve been in a bookstore and found myself reaching for Zodiac series, Im actually skimming that novel and accidentally read that part of how Rho choosing someone “dead” over Hysan so I dont wanna read that series ever again. If only I can get Hysan for myself, I’ll take care of his feeling more than you Rho. Pfft. Okay its just a fiction, just a fiction Eyqa, it doesnt have to do with your life.
3. Im changing my blog theme color over again and get a new template because I’m thinking a new kind possible way presenting my blog.



I love on how the sky looks at night and I tot maybe Im gonna go with black, blue, yellow and white color pallette. Cause I’m actually missing Night Court so much and Feyre paintings, and Rhysand flirting.


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The new cover released for ACOWAR was really beautiful. Me and Fatina actively messaging each other on our social media claiming for Rhysand exciting ourselves for the upcoming ACOWAR, only four months left! Haha. I wish Claudy can join the excitement but she was a Crows Club. XP


4. I decide to consider myself a malay novel, since the last experience was not really reassurance. The problem I usually face for any malay novel that I bought the storyline just too cliche, some characters was too much kind, like when people crying you’ll usap-usap kepala mereka, dan bila jahat it’ll turn out they will be so baddd (sampai tak tercapai akalmu jahatnya) and in the end they’ll just dead or enter prison or mental hospital. But that does not meant there were no good and incredible author out there and of course I’ll hunt and read their book. A malay novel, sound nice if I can write one, well of course in paranormal genre. :3

5. I need to study more on how to reviewing books the proper way cause I feel bored reading my own reviewing style. Haha. Keep improving right?


How you spend your weekend? Any box need unboxing? 😀