Shout Out for Liyana Jasmi

To be frank, I have hosted a giveaway of my own, and the winner to that giveaway was Liyana Jasmi, and regardless her busy SPM year she’s making an effort to post an unboxing version of my giveway. Thank you so much well. ^^
If you missed it. My giveaway is about unboxing things, that kind of mystery box you eager to know what inside it, I just love to make people smile. And I’m glad she loved it. 
Liyana is a cute girl who struggle with her SPM year, lets all pray that Allah will ease her way.
This is her screenshot post, headed here for the original post. 😍 Thanks Liyana, u deserved it. And I’ll actually joined and try my best if you gonna host the same giveaway concept. Hehe.