How to Start Reading and Actually Understand English Books.

I’ve stumbled several of my fave authors who when they been asked about how to write well, they’ll just say
Read and read a lot and then you’ll write. 

Its been 7 months since I decide to write my blog in english, throughout that time I also realize that I’ve been reading so many english books. The reason is, well obviously I need to learn more words, and thats maybe what I’m gonna become. I must thank my past version who willing to start this journey against all hope and against all odds. Just so you know, I begin with ZERO, nothing, absent, totally empty.

I’ve been a bibliophile, basically a human who loves to buy books and left it untouched on my shelf. Its been a fault from the moment where I get to choose which book to read and bought it later and realize it does not meet my expectation or the words were just too complicated to understand. Sigh. 
I began to learn how to read proper, how to understand and most of all how to get myself on tracks in completing my every week goal of books to read. 
Tbh, as a reader, there are no shortcut to understand english, you need to get ready with determination, eagerness and curiosity in feeding your knowledge and you’ll need to start with zero. Well worry not there are also guidelines to help you get through an english book and at least understand the main plot summary of those book. 
All we need is the right book to start with and let see how these guidelines may help you :

❥ Choose The Genre That You Like.

I’m a fans of mystery thingy, so this one from J.K Rowling touch makes me fascinate.

Depends on your mood whether you wanna choose fiction or non fiction books its really up to you. Choose something that you fond of. They were tons of categories such as romance, indie, thrill, mystery, fantasy, humor, science, young adult fictions and much more diverse kind of books. You must have at least one category that you like and can relate with. Be it anything, but in case you still blackening on what to choose, then consider trying..


Books Recommendation 

Two of books above was recommend on my Goodreads feed. 
Whenever I began to crave such a good plot twisting books I’ll go read on Goodreads, Pinterest and even check booktubers on Youtube just to get a glimpse on what are they recommending. Booktubers, and bookstagrammers were actually design to make you fall in love with reading again. Thank God for their existence! Alhamdulillah. It will be more awesome if you have booktubers/bookstagrammers or literally a bookworm to ask for book recommendation.

I actually pay those creative people a lots of visits just to know what are they reading right now. Its actually kind of chemistry that snapped you when you find the perfect book, your mind gonna be ‘yeah thats book is good, the kind of book i wanna read, and yeah they love it too so i’m gonna put it on my to be read books’. 

My fave booktubers was +LovingDemBooks  and +Maliemania, I found myself reads so much Paper Fury blog updates – she was hilarious and you gotta check her blog because she likes dragon. And of course my all time fave bookstagram and actually inspires me lots in reading is Tinybookish a.k.a Fatina. Most of all I’ll just randomly read #bookstagram post on IG. 


Read The First Chapter/ Prologue

It took me long enough to remains this books on shelf. 

Wonder how you fall in love with a book? The cover or the summary? Apparently summary does not enough for gluing you into the last page of the book. Yeah the ugly true. So I’m gonna tell you once that you need to know whether the book you hold was actually perfect and suitable for you. 
And that my friend could be known by reading the first chapter. Yeah the first chapter or prologue. Skimming from its style of writing, the books words whether it actually fits your mind. If you fond of how it writes, how fast you can understand the first chapter then give that book a try.  
As a Malaysian we does not familiar with other english slang, sometimes they can be too classical, the words just too old and the other times it can be so howdy boy watcha doin country slang. If you gonna need to understand a book then finding words that does not exist in the dictionary will be the last thing you wanna deal with. But yeah, we have Google to save to. 

❥ Dictionary is Your Whole Time Bestfriend 

Its like a savior for the lost. Dictionary is a must through out when you reading your english books. At least at time of need, dear charming prince dictionary will coming to the rescue. Be it on your smartphone or hardcopy dictionary doesnt really matter as long as you have one on your side. Trust me, its help!  
and finally of course,

Just start reading. 😃

So, how did you manage to complete reading on your english book? Do you have any other tips to understand english the easiest way?