Unboxing | Trilogi Seruan by Ismi Fa Ismail

I have ordered a copy of Trilogy Seruan a couple days ago, and I just received the parcel yesterday. Its arrival by encik Pos Laju really make my day. Yay! šŸ˜† I’ve been longing to buy some a long time ago while it was release last year, but havent got the pennies until couple of days ago (suddenly becoming rich when its comes to book, haha).
For your information, Seruan the trilogy is a series that actually related to Jangan Baca Novel Ini the trilogy. So if you gonna read Seruan please start with JBNI because you’ll rather get your mind blown by the ridiculousness of this book ( I meant it!)
Now, ladies and gentleman lets unboxing!

The parcel consist of a box that hold the three separated books. Here is what I got in the box: 
1. The box
2. The three books
3. Three cards of drawing picture by Kim Nasyrah. (Its actually printed on double side so I got six different pictures, yay it is!)
I must said the hand drawing was superb. I love it. It can be a wonderful bookmark. šŸ˜

These books does not have a summary beforehand cause for me its like an attraction to the reader.,the only information that the reader get was this dead notes. Well, this book really got picky when it comes to choose its reader as like it have a life in it. If you happen to buy some then consider your self the chosen one. Just pray that my curiousity on this book will be worthwhile (I need to prepare my mental and physical state). 
What I’m expecting from these three books were all the characters gonna dead (obviously), so much twisted plot with a great reasonable explanation behind (please make this possible cause my mind are so tortured from the previous JBNI trilogy), expecting some of familiar favourite characters from the previous trilogy and some explanation regarding the ending of the previous books. 
Well guys, unboxing is done, now give me some times to read it. If you wanna buy the book you can get it at Ismi Fa Ismail facebook. I’m a bit dissapointed cause the books arrived without the author signatures, maybe if you want you can request beforehand. 
Before that, I have this idea of giving Mystery Box giveaway to one of my lucky reader (with terms & conds), and I would like to know if thats gonna be a wonderful idea or nae?
Thans for your respond. šŸ’•