Seller Logic | How to pre order the zero modal ways

Hello gais, may you all have a wonderful day. First of all, I want to apologize for rarely showing myself according to my old schedule posting time, I am fully aware on how much I’ve been lagging behind. As as token of comeback after inspiring my self from a wise person I just met, so here it goes, the Seller Logic subtopic about how to literally generate income from zero modal by ‘Pre Ordering‘.

You may have learned or hear from various sources on how to conduct zero modal Pre Order. Well this version of mine consist of true event and a little bit experience which I have learned throughout the years since my involvement on the industries (bunyi mcm VIP sgt dlm industry, trololol). 
Pre Order actually have been applied in much bigger scale in this business industries, but pre order system is actually simple as it can be applied by everybody even student (that is why it is also a popular method to gain pocket money).  
I have a friend called X, On his college year, as a student he found a way of generate income with zero model. He began to learn and applied the Pre Order system. The system he applied started with telling and market himself that he is selling a t-shirt design specifically on I Am T-Shirt design. 
Then he give a time range to collect order and full payment from his customers, then after doing so, from the payment he collected, he then buy his tools to produce the t shirt ordered. 
Within three days, customers receive their order happily and satisfied. Little that they know X does not have to invest his own modal because the true is he just cycling the money he gain from his customers. 
X indeed in this stories just a medium between the customers and their ordered item. That is how you provide a services. 
Big company nowadays applied this method on their dropshipping agents. Which they provide guidelines on how you can give others what they want without you invest in anything except your time. 
That is how a little bit ideas and inspiration on how to manipulate money for your benefits. Maybe someday you’ll realize these basic things could bring you into whole new level of ‘pre ordering’ concept.

Till then. Chaos.