Entrepreneurship | Shifting Mind

Assalamualaikum wbt, 
Hello raya people, hehe. Alhamdulillah, it have been a busy day yet as I like to say eventho how hard it was, it always according to what Allah have planned for us. Isn’t it? 
I’ve been invited to a Shell LiveWIRE Seminar yasterday on Saturday. They’ve been prepared 6 modules on how to generate creative ideas for business. I would like to say it was a very interesting shift minding seminar. An energy and perspective boosting I say. After all, its free and it really does help people. 
I dont know about anybody else but as for me I would like to gather all the gems quote whenever I have the chance to attend a seminar. So behold, my collection of quotes from the Shell LiveWIRE Seminar.
1. Don’t wait for a perfect product there are no such things. 
2. Invest only what you can afford to lose.
3. First step is very important.
4. Live must move on.
5. Stop having fear run your life.
6. Just do and commit. 
7. Play the money game to win. 
7 only? For a day seminar? Haha, sorry, that what I able to jotted down. Frankly, this seminar is about how change your perspective. Entrepreneurship nowadays have been changing fast, they’ve been changing in perspective, is it now about the more you give the more you get. 
There is why, for those who seek a hand to help whether in consultant or money matter on their business, there are always ways from SUPERB, Shell LiveWIRE, Pitch Borneo and etc community. Just don’t afraid to sell (networking) yourself. There is always a way for those who seek right? 
Nowadays struggle, every entrepreneur should triple their energy and shift their mindset, to survive in this very world, there is a need to change, a change for a better life. 
Btw, Ceri Koko have made a me a cute strawberry icon – dont get jelly people, lols. Whoever put me on their blogger list will have the view of my new favicon made by Ceri Koko.
Muchas gracias Ceri, what would you like in return? Hehe.