Appreciating Abundance of Sustenance

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Have you been in a situation where you doesn’t know what to do and overthinking what your future may turn out? 

Well I do. Everyone else do.

Like those moment where we decide which U we will go, what kind of thesis will we research on, what job position will we apply, what are our future office mate will be etc kind of question.

Just go with it!

Born alone, people may think that I can have what I want in this world. Tho part of it true, well most of it are not. It work not just when you want something it will magically appears in front of you, people need to get through a lot of hardship to attain some desired things. 
On a version of younger me, I do not like when our home get some guest. I’ll lock myself in my room and never get out till all of the guest leave. 
And I dont really like to jog in public, cause I fear that people will stare at my fat *while it jump* because of running. :3 I know it sounds silly. *giggles*
Several years later I realize that, when you want something that you desire, or you have the reason and background knowledge on what you do, embarrass was just the last thing will burden you. It have no effects on me as long as I have better understanding and believe in myself. 
That is why, when we are doing something that we love, just go with it, break free, escape worries and be happy.

Be bold on what we have decide, we just need to make effort on what we decide and the rest, let Allah handle. Don’t forget to pray, to be grateful and thank Allah, Allah love those who thank Him, He’ll give us more afterwards. Believe!