Love story~

Assalamualaikum wbt.

At one point in our lives, we will questions ourselves. Is it what we’ve been working for worth enough to be happy for? Is this the real path to make me happy?
As the time passed, people come in and out from our life. Some are happy to go but some are not.
As its not two friends apart that really apart as they remains in each other prayer. Not heart, heart can change. But prayer, may always content a heart of a believers.
Through prayer the mukmin connects each one and another.
It was not someone words that makes us sad. It was not our achievement that makes us happy.
It was always and always, the Greatest and the Merciful of all. Allah azzawajallah.
How can we solved our problem if its not Him that we asks the way out?
How can we got what we want and happy for it if its not to Him that we thanks?
It was not distance between two person who loves each other that makes me sad, 
It was always the distance between me and Allah SWT that make me restless.

That is why, to ask for someone heart, ask it from Allah.