#3 Third Day of Holiday Break (This rain brought me memories from the past)


So, this is nostalgic right? Bunyi rintikan hujan dan kesejukan yang mengigit tulang. Ini sudah membangkitkan kenangan silam. Maka, things like first love, funny moments, heart break moments, childhood suddenly circling around my head. :3. Bersempena dengan hari hujan masa petang-petang begini. I thought about certain songs that will bring back the memories. Seat back and enjoy (seriously, I feel like DJ in charge.).

#1 : Juwita – Saleem

That chorus that goes like ‘Teeerimmmaaa kasih, pada mu adinda~”. Sangat suka part itu.
#2 : Chau Chau -Deli Spice

Introduce to me by Kenji, and featured in Running Man ep106. First time dengar, and immediately 
fall in love to this song. Simple and keen. And I also featured it on my header. I love this song so much as it brings all the good and fine memories back~

3# : Ernest – Because I’m Weary
This one was OST of God Study/ Master of Study. Its a great drama series most about friendships, study, their life obstacle, loves, dilemma, pretty much a very touching and meaningful drama I ever seen. 🙂 And this song stuck in my head not because I understand the lyrics itself, but I like the kemerduaan dan kelembutan perasaan yand dilemparkan. 🙂

So thats all for now untuk malam yang sejuk ini. Toddles.