#1 First Day of Holiday Break (Random Thoughts)


Yes another day of holiday. (urgh, another, yeah. hari pertama pula ni selepas berhempas pulas kelmarin exm terakhir). So, this a list of what I do today~ (seriously this is kind of diary entry, wakaka, what am I doin exposing my glamour life)… okay im kidding. Hehehe. I’m not glamorous people.
Hello, this is my cat. His name is Blackey. :3 sgt irooom kan? Hehe. 

# Wake up early at 8.00 a.m
# Breakfast with eating 3 packs of apollo cakes and eat two rows of chocolates bar. :3
# Watch Running Man ep128, ep99 and ep98
# Feed the Cats with their crackers
# Masak meggi curry. Nyummy you know!
# Feed the Cats with their fishes.
# Randomly jotting in a pieces of paper about re-design my blogs.
# Text Kenji
# Searching information and ideas with Stumble Upon~! Yeah, the best apps ever!
# Read ‘Ways to Improve Your Study Habits’. Tapi blum habis baca lagi. Hehe
# Do laundry
# Goreng ayam goreng. (and sumanya d ngap oleh mummy)
# Bersihkan meja
# Update blog
# Tgk cerita ‘A little bit of heaven’. Aih. Nangis gila gila ya aku time tengok tuh.

And thats how I manage my first day of holiday break. hehe. Toddles.