Worry Just Ain’t Leavin Me Alone


“Songs can really be so strong when remembering someone.”

Just another song that I just searched. Because only said the words maybe brings nothing, spice it up with some musics. <3 (serously, kenapa aku rasa pelik ne. :p behh. bah abaikan seja lah. 
And yeah, another day. :3 Macam sakit pulak hari ni, sakit batuk. Hew2. Billet~ Doux. Lama sudah tidak berbicara pasal ini. Benda old school yang dikenang~.
Well, as Dictionary.com stated that “In French, billet-doux means “sweet note;” or “short note” (billet, “note” + doux, “sweet,” from Latin dulcis).”
Not much I can say, but this word remains me about past. šŸ™‚ ~ smile. And now its gone, and never will I experience the same joy again.

(Valerie Angeles)

Verse I:

You take

My breath


With every smile you give

And when you’re down

There’s not a sound

I’m ashamed

‘Cause I can’t be around

Refrain I:

You might know this or not

But for you

I care a lot

This hidden feeling’s lost ’til now

This doesn’t deserve to be known

‘Cause I never let it show

But now I got to let this go


I tried to forget this feeling

I’m loving you more but then this ain’t the right thing to do

And I knew

I can’t get any closer

I wish I’d get over soon

But I might never forget you

Verse II:

I did well

I escaped

This game

Without you around

But I fell

Once again

Back to one

You’re like music around

Refrain II:

Just like notes in my soul

I’d forget that I should go

I can’t put myself back now

I don’t deserve to be known

But I thought, I’d let you know

Just as I try more to let you go



(But I might never forget…)

How it feels

When you’re near me

I can’t move

Because you might see me

If there’s a step I should take

It should be a step away

There’ just things I couldn’t explain

^^ ~ Just that for today. šŸ˜›