Never Wordless on Wednesday | What you’ve told me such a relief.



Its not about love what i’m concerned about, its about what’ll happen next really matters me. That time when i fall for you. Its wonderful, no doubt about it. The feel like you’re overjoyed for even the smallest thing he make for you. Its mean a lot, especially deep in this heart. That time when you smile is the reason i be there. That time when even in a crowded place you can hear this heart is beating so fast cause of you. That time when the day i’ll meet you will be the day that i’ve been waiting for. Even my body trembling, my fingers turned cold, mind turned blank every time you appear in front of me. That all are the things that makes me happy, totally happy. The reason is everytime when i see your eyes and you put your smile, i can confidently say that what i see is what i’ll put my future on it. Where i’ll put all my heart for it. Where i’ll give my afford to fight for it. Its YOU the reason.. 
But this love, hard to think about. It doesn’t have to end that you’ll be mine. It happens just like that. What you’ve told me such a relief. Really, but this time, with doubt. Maybe its because i dont wanna really stay, there; in your heart. Weird isn’t it? And why must i experience this LOVE with a guy like you. A guy that i never imagined that i’ll fall for. But dont worry, you’ll never know this feel, its safely secret, only ‘us’ know, and little that they know about ourselves. With this feel i stand by your side. Well prepared for everything that i needed for. Live must go on, so for us. Heart can change, not easy thought, but it will. Thanks God for letting me through this. Now i’m so curious about future, would it be? By any chance i’ll fall for a guy like you again?? Quiet, and hear the lonely rhythm.. I’ll leave that as an answer for the future~ 

No offense, just the simplest version to think about love inspired by Lovely Complex ^^ Ngee. And much apology for my bad english. Hua3. Buruk ehh. XP